Tea Party For Overs 60s Thanks to Former Mayor Tony Lane

Members of the Over 60s Club were treated to a special tea party last Thursday with entertainment thanks to the Tony Lane Foundation.  The tea party is now an annual club event which was started in 2017.

Tony Lane was Henley Mayor four times, who died in 2014 and whose charitable trust was set up to donate money to community groups and voluntary organisations.

Gill Dodds, Chair of the Over 60’s club said, “There’s quite a few people here who went to school with Tony or knew his Mum or his sisters. It’s been fascinating to hear lots of stories about some of you playing with him at the ‘Rec’ (Makins Recreation Ground).  Thank you to the Tony Lane Foundation for funding this annual party.  Let’s raise a toast to thank Tony.”

Joyce Maynard, “Tony and I grew up together and I knew his sister.  We used to go and play games on the ‘Rec’.  He was a good friend, I got on well with him.  He was a bit cheeky!”

Kitty Mazinsky entertained the guests with a great sing-a-along which included Put it on the Ritz, Zip-a-dee-doo-dah and Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps by Doris Day.  Time for Tea provided the delicious food which included sandwiches, cakes and macaroons.



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