Henley Festival Invests in Reusable Glasses as Part of Environmental Drive

Henley Festival are this year addressing their impact on the environment by removing single-use plastic from their site.

They have made a big investment in purchasing 40,000 reusable plastic glasses and have asked all their food and drink providers not to use single-use plastic and to serve food on environmentally friendly servers/plates.  The UK made beer, wine and flute glasses will be washed in industrial but environmentally friendly dishwashers that give a high quality finish meaning the glasses should have the the same life span as normal glassware.

Local Henley company, IBS Office Solutions who have been a sponsor of the Festival for the last 7 years have partnered with Henley Festival on their new environmental initiatives and their branding will be on 10,000 of the new glasses. Previously their logo was on the reverse of all the tickets.  IBS MD, Caleb Southwell said, “It is a great way of addressing the carbon footprint and meeting the environmental issues and one that give us a different opportunity to advertise.  I think the festival’s social responsibility is fantastic.”

Sharp Information Systems, one of IBS’ suppliers will also be showcasing two Skywell water machines.  They are the first UK smart atmospheric water generators that use revolutionary technology that turns surrounding air into fresh, clean drinking water, with no plumbing required. Caleb added, “The nice thing about Skywell is that when people have plastic bottles, they don’t think about how it started it life, how long has it stuck on a lorry around the M25 or in storage, how do you get rid of it or how do you get it back to the factory to be refilled – you don’t have any of these things with Skywell.”

Charlotte Geeves, Chief Executive of Henley Festival said, “The reason we started to look into this was because of the huge amount of single use plastic across the site, the waste and the damage to the environment.  We’ve bought the same number of reusable glasses as single-use ones we use it each year.   It is a big investment but in the long term it will save money.  We are planning to offer the hire of these glasses to other small events who don’t have the funds to invest in purchasing glasses and in turn this will provide us with a revenue.  It is a big statement to say that we care about the environment and we think it is a really good and an important thing to do. We are on an environmental drive over the next 3-5 years to get our carbon footprint down across the site on everything that we do.”

There are still some tickets available for the Henley Festival which this year features Boy George, Jessie J, Tom Odell, BJÖRN AGAIN and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra playing Saturday Night at the Movies from 10-14 July 2019. To book go to http://henley-festival.co.uk


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  1. wireless waffler says:

    Great idea but the festival crowd will bear the cost. Hope people will not litter the banks with them afterwards.


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