Cuts to Handybus Service Could Happen If Not Used More

The Henley Handybus scheme may have to cut back on the number of runs it makes following a steady decline in the number of passengers seen over the past 12 months.

For more than 30 years the bus has taken shoppers to Waitrose and Tesco as well as making regular trips into Reading. It also transports users of a number of clubs in the town, including the Meteor Club and Stroke Club, and delivers people to the Day Centre before returning them home. It can also be made available for evening and weekend excursions.

The service is free of charge to anyone with a bus concessionary pass on the regular trips made, which are available from Oxfordshire County Council and are free of charge. The 15 passenger seat bus is also equipped with a tail lift to take wheelchairs.  Following the down-turn in passengers the organisers are having to decide if cuts to the service need to be made.

Richard Hodgkin, Chairman of the Trustees said: “This is a classic case of use it or lose it. Recently on a few trips we have had occasions with just one or two passengers on board. While we don’t want to make any cuts – and will do all we can not to – we have to be realistic. I am sure there are people out there who are unaware of the service we offer. It wouldn’t take many more users to ensure we can continue to run these services, or even add more regular routes providing we have the right numbers.”

For more information call Robin Popham on 01491 571974.

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  1. Laura Reineke says:

    Perhaps it could be shared with other groups. I know that the primary schools don’t have the use of a bus! There are also lots of sport clubs who I’m sure would love to use it sometimes.


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