Weekday Rail Service Retimed

Rail travellers are advised that a new timetable is in operation from 19 May.  Adjustments are small and mostly restricted to main line services, but the 1023 from Henley to Twyford on weekdays is retimed two minutes earlier to 1021.   This is to ensure that the branch still connects with a main line service to London at Twyford.

Local group Henley Trains spotted the problem and raised it with GWR who adjusted the timetable.  Online timetables are adjusted but the printed timetable booklets won’t be reprinted so beware.

Henley Trains is a community group which can be contacted with your rail queries, or the group joined for occasional rail updates, at henleytrains@gmail.com.   Weekday service updates are shared on Twitter @Henleytrains to keep local users moving with the least disruption.

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