Rotary Talks ‘Rubbish’

Henley Rotary Club members were talking ‘rubbish’ on Saturday in Market Place – they were giving advice on how to dispose of your rubbish correctly.

With many residents still unsure of what items can be recycled, the Rotary were giving out leaflets and clever little wheels (photo below) from South Oxfordshire District Council which show residents which bin their waste items go in.  They were also informing residents about the great phone app Binzone which not only tells you what can be recycled but tells you which bin is due for collection each week.

Phil Fletcher from the Rotary Club said, “Last August we visited the Viridor Ardley Energy Recovery Facility near Bicester and were really impressed by the cleanliness and efficiency.  All the black bin rubbish from Oxfordshire goes to this plant and the power it creates from the rubbish supplies 38,000 homes.  The ash remnants also go into building roads.  We wanted to do a community project to inform the public about the importance of recycling and to educate people on what can and can’t be recycled.”



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  1. wireless waffler says:

    Thanks lads, I was looking for that recycling wheel in the town hall a while back, and there you were on Saturday giving them out. As a non car couple I would like to know how I am supposed to take items to the local dump.


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