Your Photos – Swarm of Bees

A large swarm of bees was seen outside the Regal Picturehouse cinema in Boroma Way this week on the bench.

This photo was taken by Henley resident, Helen Gaynor.

The South Chiltern’s Beekeeping Association website give this advice if you come across a swarm of honey bees.

With bee colonies in decline, swarms are precious.  This is nature’s way of making a new colony.  Typically a swarm consists of 10 to 20 thousand honeybees.  A swarm usually settles on a tree or building as a dense football-sized cluster.


1. If you discover a swarm in your garden, phone one of our swarm collectors without delay (the closer the better)

2. Although swarms are usually good tempered, they should only be approached by an experienced beekeeper.

Contact local Henley swarm collector Richard Guy mobile 0798448524 or telephone 01491 636323.


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