Henley Care Home Residents Have a Hoot of a Time

Residents at HC-One’s Thamesfield Retirement Village and Care Home in Henley recently enjoyed a visit from some furry friends. The British Owls were brought in by handler Lu, of Lu’s Owls, who introduced the different breeds and explained the habitats in which they originate.

Lu also explained the history of the owls, the type of food they eat and their environmental adaptations as well as their physiology, hunting methods and how they communicate, which everyone was interested to learn. Residents and Colleagues were then given the opportunity to handle the owls by using a thick leather glove which an owl then perched onto.

Lina Nela, Thamesfield Care Home Manager, commented: “Residents thoroughly enjoyed this lovely visit, they especially enjoyed being able to get close to the animals and stroke them. We can’t wait for Lu to come back, and bring along the Barn Owl which was unable to make this visit.”

Lu’s Owls are a small company specialising in British Owls which offers people the opportunity to meet their amazing captive bred owls whilst learning about the very special birds.

HC-One is also celebrating achieving a 9.5 average rating on the sector’s leading care home comparison website carehome.co.uk. The high rating puts HC-One homes into the very best company in the care home sector, committed to providing kind care to Residents.


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