How Henley Encourages Self-improvement

Henley is one of the best places in the UK to live and work and it’s also a great place for anyone who wants to keep growing and developing, not only as a person but also in terms of their business skills and career.

82% of people of working age in Henley are estimated to be economically active, giving it one of the highest levels of employment of any town in the UK. A large number of those are employed in professional businesses, including science and technology. This reflects the high level of education in the community, with over a quarter of the population holding the equivalent of a university degree or better.

The continual search for new ideas and fresh ways to express them is also demonstrated by Henley’s thriving creative sector. The town has long been a hub for the UK’s film and music industries, as well as attracting artists and designers in both traditional and digital fields. Henley’s eager army of creatives are always on the lookout for the new thing, leading to a vibrant atmosphere of innovation and the ongoing interplay of new ideas.

Staying one step ahead

It’s important as we get older to continually learn new skills and new approaches, in order to keep the brain active as well as staying up to date with the latest trends and concepts. This helps us progress in our careers as well as giving us a more satisfying personal life. Unchain Your Brain offers a range of online courses geared at helping you adapt and thrive in today’s changing workplace. These include stress and time management, dealing with conflict, improving self-confidence and more.

The Henley Business School also offers a range of career-focused academic courses aimed at empowering individuals in the field of business. Part of the University of Reading, the Business School is an internationally-recognised institution that is triple accredited for quality and capability of faculty and output.

Visitors to Henley are often surprised by the high level of activity that goes on behind the town’s surface appearance of a tranquil oasis of leafy calm. But perhaps it’s precisely the desire for self-improvement and self-development among Henley residents that creates that calm and happy appearance.

People in Henley work hard at their jobs and they also work hard on themselves. This allows them to enjoy an excellent quality of life in one of the UK’s most desirable destinations.


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