Greys Road From Gillotts Lane to Rotherfield to be Resurfaced

Oxfordshire County Council have announced that they will be spending £3.5m this summer to resurface more than 83kms of roads across Oxfordshire however only one road in central Henley (Greys Road from Gillotts Lane to Rotherfield war memorial) will be part of this scheme.

The road will be given a new lease of life thanks to the ‘surface-dressing’ technique which waterproofs and extends the life of roads.  In the statement from OCC it says, “The cost of the work is seen as a good investment, potentially preventing the need for more costly resurfacing for a number of years.”

County Councillor Yvonne Constance, Cabinet member for Environment, said: “Oxfordshire County Council takes road repairs and maintenance very seriously and has put around £25m extra into fixing highways in total this and last year as part of a £120 million investment in infrastructure.

“Surface dressing is an excellent way to extend the life of roads and is cost effective. It is just one of a range of techniques that we use to improve and preserve the condition of our highways across Oxfordshire.”

A spokesperson for OCC said, “The Greys Road work is scheduled for 18 June (1 day’s work) although as always this is dependent on weather and could change if we experience any adverse conditions.”

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