Brownies Pot Up Planters with Buddies

The planters on the Gillotts Lane/Greys Road corner have been replanted thanks to the Gardening Buddies and 1st Henley Brownies.

Brownie Leader, Michaela Clarke said, “This is the second time we’ve been asked to help.  It’s great for the Brownies to do projects in the community as well as learning new skills.  The girls also learnt the names of the flowers they planted and then afterwards they enjoyed activities in Gillotts Field including collecting bugs/insects and making a bug mansion out of an old plastic bottle and newspaper.”

Gardening Buddie, Jan Sutton said, “It was wonderful to see so many Brownies at Gillotts Corner. Getting young people involved and aware of gardening issues is so important. We all had a great time planting the new tubs and are so pleased that the Brownies joined in and helped the Gardening Buddies out.”

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  1. Jenny Clark says:

    What a lovely thing to do. I’m sure you will all be so pleased to see them in full bloom & take great pride in seeing them, I know I will.

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