New Henley ‘Oarsome’ T-Shirts & Bag

Local entrepreneur and Henley resident Paul Carey has created an ‘oarsome’ range of Henley branded t-shirts and a canvas bag.

There are two t-shirt designs with the strap line ‘HENLEY IS OARSOME’ on which are available in two styles; t-shirt and vest and come in a range of women’s and men’s sizes.  The t-shirts and vests are 100% cotton and cost £20. The bags are priced at £10.

The logos were designed by local designer Julia Welburn and were modelled at the launch by local Olympic rowers, Matt Langridge and Polly Swann.

Paul said, “The T shirts and vests come in two designs, and all sizes for men and women and is a great gift or take home for anyone visiting Henley or locals who want to celebrate Henley’s Awesomeness!

I wanted to do something different as all the T shirts available seemed a bit boring, so I employed local designer Julia and we created these contemporary designs, which look really cool.”

The T shirts, Vests and Tote bags are available at and locally at The Rowbarge pub and will also be available on a stall at forthcoming Eat Food Festival.


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