Learn How to Make Small Changes to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Emma Lunnon was inspired by Ruth Lindup’s talk on cutting carbon footprint at Henley in Transition’s meeting in April and has made some changes to her and her family’s lifestyle, eating habits, energy use and reduction in the use of plastic.

Emma started with having meat free days which has led to her and her 12 year old daughter going vegetarian and her husband and son giving up beef (according to recent research beef has the biggest carbon footprint). She buys many of her products in loose form from either True Food Community Co-operative in Emmer Green or the Willow Basket in Henley e.g. pasta and washing up liquid and makes her own cleaning products from vinegar, bicarbonate of soda etc. Outside Emma has installed a water butt to collect rainwater, created a compost heap and she’s started to grow vegetables this year. Plus, Emma has switched her energy plan with EON her supplier to the renewable energy scheme which costs just £3/4 per month more and uses the eco friendly search engine Ecosia.

Emma said, “It was the little things that I thought would do to help. If everyone did something, it would really help. One of the other really good things that I learnt from Henley in Transition was to when you have urge to buy something on the internet don’t checkout, just add it to the basket and then wait 30 days. After this, more often than not you’ve either forgotten about it or you’ve realised you don’t really need it!”

What little changes could you make to your lifestyle?

Why not come along to one of the series of FREE carbon footprint cutting workshops Henley in Transition are running in June.  Find out how to assess your carbon footprint and how to reduce it. You could even save money as you do. There will be a short presentation on how carbon warms our planet then a practical workshop looking at your carbon footprint and ways you can reduce it.

Wednesday 12 June, 7.00 to 9.30pm. King’s Arm Barn
Click here to book places on 12th June

Saturday 15 June 10.00am to 12.30pm D2 Cafe Area
Suitable for families with children aged 9 and over. The workshop is suitable to share with young people. There are not activities specifically designed for young people.
Click here to book places on 15th June

Tuesday 18 June 10.00am to 12.30pm The Christchurch Centre, Morris 2 Room.
Click here to book places on 18th June

Emma will be interviewed and giving her top tips at the workshops on 12 and 15 June.


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