Sacred Heart Dad Band to Rock Mill Meadows

After forming and performing for the first time at Sacred Heart School’s social event last month, ‘Mrs Gavin’s Sacred Heart Dad Band’ will playing a fundraising concert at Mill Meadows Bandstand from 2pm to 4pm tomorrow Saturday (8 June) in aid of the school.

The band is led by Matt Richardson on rhythm guitar and joined by Darryl Grant on drums, Bill Pollard on bass, David Robinson on keyboard and Duncan Steele on lead guitar.

Matt said, “All are welcome to come down, enjoy the music and/or support the fundraising effort. The repertoire will include songs by ABBA, Johnny Cash, Bryan Adams, Pulp, etc. i.e. all well known songs. The audience may even be treated to a premiere of the band’s highly anticipated rendition of The Wurzels’ “I’ve Got A Brand New Combine Harvester”. Then again, they may not!”


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