Cockroaches Seen at Greggs in Esso Garage

The above photo of a cockroach was taken by Ed Porter on Friday morning on the counter at Greggs inside the Esso Garage on Reading Road.

Ed said, “I went into Gregg’s at about 9.30am on Friday morning and placed my order and when I went to pay I saw cockroaches on the small counter next to the till and food. There were about 5 that I could see and they were just scurrying about – all of them different sizes.”

Ed contacted South Oxfordshire District Council and Environmental Health who made a visit later on Friday.

A spokesperson for Greggs said, “We take all matters of food safety and hygiene very seriously and have an excellent record of achieving the highest standards. Once we were alerted to this incident we carried out immediate and thorough checks which, together with a hygiene report carried out by the Environmental Health Officer, have confirmed that our products, procedures and shop environment are clean and safe.”

Ed said afterwards, “I am glad they have sorted this out as fast as they have. I certainly will never eat from that garage again though. It’s just disgusting and inexcusable.”

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