Children’s Theatre Group Celebrates 50th Anniversary With Special Summer Show

The Henley Children’s Theatre has been performing at the Kenton Theatre for 50 years and are celebrating this milestone with a special show 1942 And All That at the Kenton Theatre on Sunday 16 June at 1.30pm and 5.00pm.

This Summer Show will display, as always, a variety of songs, dances and witty repartee from a cast of 100 plus local children. The enthusiastic, happy cast will delight in entertaining guests. This is an amateur production with a professional result; a perfect showcase for what makes this group so special. 

Established in 1969 by Flavia Pickworth, HCT remains a family run business and is run now by her granddaughter, Muffin Hurst.

Muffin produces and directs with love, care and decades of unparalleled experience.   Come and celebrate half a century with this much-loved group. 

The play, which was written by Muffin, is original but inspired by the 1971 Disney film Bedknobs and Broomsticks.  It tells the story of 3 children evacuated from London to the Dorset village of Broadchurch, in 1942.  They are lodged with local Latin teacher Miss Evangeline Over.  We encounter the humorous group of the local Home Guard, along with the suspicious Miss Reed and Miss Weep, who write for the local newspaper. Britain is attempting to crack a Nazi code, and the Germans are threatening an imminent invasion of our shores.  Who is up to what?  And who can be trusted?

Charlie, Mabel and Edith become involved in the war they thought they were escaping, but they make friends, encounter the local Land Girls, and mini Home Guard along the way.  With humour and a light take on the war effort, the show is full of wonderful music from the era – all very timely and provided by the lively chorus lines at HCT.  The story is suitable for all ages, and is educational, while being the lightest of entertainment.

Tickets are £11 and can be booked via


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