Big Appetite for New Food Festival Sees Stalls Selling Out at Launch Event

Despite the inclement weather, many of the food stalls at The Big Feast, eat! Food Festival sold out of food and/or had to restock three of four times on Saturday in Market Place.

Each stall offered a plate for a fiver from local companies, pubs and restaurants.  These included The Cook Curry Club, Foodie Angels, Hart Street Tavern, Shellfish Cow Restaurant (coming to Henley soon!) and The Three Tuns Pub plus food and drink from Honeys of Henley, Gelato Henley, Hobbs Gin and Lovibonds.

Ryan Barlow from Gelato Henley said, “It’s been fantastic – people have been streaming along all afternoon despite the weather.  The fact that you don’t have to pay to get in is really working.  We’ve had some fantastic feedback too and we’ve been talking to some people today about supplying to them which we hope we can announce very soon.”

Foodie Angels were selling Pulled BBQ Beef flatbread with a Brownie on the side!  Sasha from Foodie Angels said, “Everyone seems to be really hungry because of this British rainy and windy weather in the summer and they’ve been really enjoying our comfort food.  We’ve had really good feedback, and more than 10 people have come back for seconds!  We have given out our card to people interested in us providing food for dinner parties etc.  It’s been a great event to raise awareness in the community.”

Resident Barry from Henley who was enjoying a vegetarian, mushroom and potato curry from The Cook Curry Club. He said  “I came out to pick up my wife as it had started to rain. I drove past and the food smelt so good.  There’s not many veggie options in Henley so I seized the opportunity. It’s amazing.  It’s the first time I’ve tasted the Cook Curry Club food and I’ve signed up for their delivery service.”

Waffles from The Waffle Pod also went down a storm and sold out after a few hours.  Owner, Robert Holgate said, “It’s always difficult to judge for a first event but I brought what I thought would be plenty.”

Philippa Radcliffe who has organised the new fortnight food festival which sees a number of different events over the next two weeks including Food on Film at the Regal Picturehouse and Kitchen at the Kenton for four nights with local celebrity chefs.  The festival will finish with Riverside Fiesta on Mill Meadows on 29 June.  Philippa said, “I’m really pleased with how it has gone. We’ve had a steady flow and we’ve got a really nice mix of people and food on offer.  It’s always hard to judge for a first event.  We’ve had lots of nice compliments from people.  It’s been a great launch to the fortnight.”

For full details of the eat! Food Festival events go to


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