Badgemore School Celebrate ‘Good’ Ofsted Inspection in All Aspects

Badgemore ‘the village school at the heart of the community’ celebrated their latest Ofsted Inspection ‘good’ rating on Friday with the children enjoying a special afternoon tea with staff and governors.

Ofsted rated the school as good in all aspects after a two day inspection last week.  The school achieved the same rating as the last inspection in 2015. The inspector identified key strengths that makes this school unique and the report begins with “This is a good school where a wonderful confirmation of the hard work and dedication of so many staff, governors, parents and pupils. The part that each of these play in contributing to the success of the school  is a feature running through the report and it is very much a team effort.”

Headteacher, Marion Arnold said, “We have worked hard at making learning interesting and vibrant, taking opportunities to extend our children’s experiences wherever we can. The judgement that all pupils make good progress no matter what their starting points is a recognition of the quality of teaching, level of support and the belief we have in all our children.

We know there are aspects we can improve upon and those mentioned in the Ofsted report will be a feature of our improvement planning along other aspects such as digital learning.”

Comments in the report include:

  • The school is welcoming, inclusive and at the heart of the local community. Pupils are proud of their school, saying it is ‘awesome, fun and interesting’.
  • Pupils typically achieve well across the broad curriculum. Workbooks shows that pupils deepen their understanding in a wide range of subjects. Current assessment information indicates that pupils in most groups make good progress across a range of subjects, including English and mathematics.
  • Relationships between pupils and teachers are strong, as a result, pupils work hard, are willing to take risks and want to do well.
  • The early years provision is well led and managed by an enthusiastic leader. The setting provides a stimulating environment where children can learn and thrive. They make a positive start because they are taught well, feel safe and like school.
  • Governors are effective and ambitious for the school’s future success. They share the passion of senior leaders to secure the best possible outcomes for pupils.
  • Parents are pleased with the quality of education provided. They appreciate how well the staff know and care for their children. One parent summed up the views of many by explaining: ‘I feel the quality of teaching and care received is fantastic. I can’t recommend this school highly enough.’

Ian Massey who has been a Governor at the school for 3 1/2 years and took over the Chair in January 2019 said, “There’s a theme in the report which covers the contribution that parents, pupils, leaders and governors make and I think what you get from the report is a sense that it is very much a team effort.  It is not just one person dragging the school forward – everyone has contributed to the success.  It was a really thorough investigation into the school by the inspector over 2 days and we’re really pleased.  In the report we recognise that it is a school we have come to know and it is great having the various strengths recognised.  Yes we can do certain things better – we’re already working on some of these and we’re working on more.  There’s a lot of potential in this school both in terms of its buildings, it pupils and staff.  It’s great recognition for the school and in particular the headteacher who has driven it forward.  A lot of credit is due to all those individuals.”

To read the full report click here


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