Students Celebrate at Prom

Sparkly dresses, bow ties, fast cars, high heels and proud parents were seen on Friday night at the annual Gillotts School prom which for the first time took place at Badgemore Park Golf Club.

This annual event celebrates the end of GCSE exams and school life at Gillotts for Year 11 students and allows them to get dressed up, let their hair down and party with their friends. Poppy Priestley was voted Prom Queen and Best Dressed and Louis Malatt was voted Prom King.

Without the constraints of the tight entrance to the school, the students arrived not just in fancy cars, but this year on tractor trailers and a huge JCB digger with Eduardo Roberge and Aurelia Dunker arriving sitting in the bucket up high in the air!

Catharine Darnton, Gillotts Headteacher said, “We had a lovely evening celebrating with Year 11, not only the end of their GCSEs but the end of their time at Gillotts.  For the first time, the venue was Badgemore Golf Club which provided a really beautiful setting.  As ever, all the young people looked fabulous and their modes of arrival were many and varied.  We are so proud of them all!”

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