Mermaid Reinstalled in Time for Regatta

The Ama Henley mermaid was reinstalled on Red Lion yesterday afternoon after being thrown into the river in November 2017.

It took eight members of the Henley Town Council Park Services team to lift her down the steps and into position.

The mermaid was gifted to Henley Town Council from the original commissioners the Noor Foundation. It was installed in June 2013 and was one of 20 statues around the world made by Amaryllis Batallie. The Henley mermaid was the only one in England and became one of Henley’s tourist attractions.

The Herald started a crowdfunding campaign to raise the money (£1290) for the reinstallation.

  1. wireless waffler says:

    I must pop down and say hello to her, glad she is back on station – great news and thanks to everyone who saved her

  2. wireless waffler says:

    Great to see her back in place, thank to the Park Team for carrying her and placing her into position. Also to the Herald for crowd funding the money.


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