Badgemore Primary School Celebrates Summer With Return Of Badgefest

Badgemore Primary School celebrated the start of summer last Friday with their camp-out extravaganza, Badgefest. The event, an overnight festival held in the grounds of the school, made its highly anticipated return after a break in 2018. A total of 59 people, comprising of 16 families, had a ball beneath the stars as they enjoyed an evening of music, talent shows, tug of war, face painting, and naturally, lots of food and cake!

Conditions for the festivities could not have been better, as the event spanned the two warmest days of the year so far. The celebration began after school ended on Friday with the hotly contested Great Badgemore Bake Off. A scrumptious spread of homemade cakes was critiqued by the judging panel, with winners selected from each Key Stage before the festival-goers were let loose to devour them. There was more friendly competition in store with the Tug of War and the Badgemore’s Got Talent show. Students took to the stage for the spectacle of magic, dance, singing and more skilful displays. Music then continued into the evening with more singing performances from the children.

As the sun went down, children and grown ups indulged in hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows around the fire pit before turning in to their tents for some sleep. Saturday morning delivered yet more sunshine, accompanied by sausage sandwiches and pastries to revive the sleepy party-goers.

Badgefest was organised by the Friends of Badgemore School (FOBS), a parent-run community whose aim is to support and enhance the school. Cath Hoskins, FOBS member and one of the Badgefest coordinators, said, “This is our community event, so it’s celebrating the end of the year, it’s celebrating the talents the kids have, and just having a bit of fun really.” Pru Sly, fellow FOBS and Badgefest instigator, agreed, “We’ve had such a nice year at the school and we wanted to do something to celebrate the end of the year, and we’ve got such lovely ground and such fun kids. It’s nice to have a bit of community within the school, with all of us getting together.” She added, “I think it would be nice if we could do it every year but as always with these things it would depend on input from parents. And weather.”

Any money raised by Badgefest will go into the FOBS fund to enrich the children’s education. Recently, the group helped to purchase the Year 6 leavers hoodies, and are just about to buy some iPads for the school. The event was a blast, enjoyed by all who attended, and was all down the hard work of the FOBS community. Thanks were also given to Henley Music School for lending their PA system for the Talent Show.

Mrs Arnold, Headteacher at Badgemore, reflected,”Badgefest was lovely. The Bakeoff was a very high standard, they were all so tasty! Badgemore has got talent – It’s true.  Mr Dingle was amazing with his guitar and the campfire was a calming focal point. A big thank you goes out to all of our amazing Friends Of Badgemore Team for putting so many hours in before and during the event to ensure we all had such a fabulous time! We can’t wait for Badgefest 2020!”

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