Chiltern Centre Now Registered With CQC

The Chiltern Centre in Henley is pleased to announce today that they have obtained registration from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and as of 4 July 2019 are able to provide short break and day care services for young people and adults from 16+.

The centre in Greys Road used to offer respite care for children from 8+ but in June Ofsted removed their registration and centre was closed temporarily.  The reason given was that they had noticed that the charity were now not “wholly or mainly” looking after children.

Chiltern Centre Manager, Gareth Groves said, “We are all very pleased to have gained registration with CQC. This is the end result of much hard work by all involved at The Chiltern Centre following a difficult and somewhat sobering first 6 months of the year.

The Chiltern Centre has had to make many positive changes all of which have resulted in our new registration. We are all looking forward to the new chapter in the life of The Chiltern Centre and the great opportunities that it will bring.”





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