Hobbs of Henley Offers Free Rowing Boats for River Clean-up Initiative

In a new Henley river clean-up initiative, Hobbs of Henley have very kindly offered FREE use of their rowing boats to people between Monday to Friday from 10.00am to 12 noon to collect rubbish from the river.

Julia Carey from Henley Plastic Reduction said, “I am extremely grateful to Hobbs of Henley for their generous offer which will be a big incentive to people to help keep our beautiful river clean.”

Jonathan Hobbs said, “Julia’s crusade against plastic pollution has been excellent in rising awareness of the urgent need to act, so when we discussed how we could reduce pollution on the river, I was very keen to collaborate with her and we devised a way that could attract people to do their bit for the river, for no expense, and keep fit at the same time!”

With the Regatta bringing probably the biggest amount of rubbish, and the sun still shining, this is the perfect time to enjoy a row whilst doing something great for our town.  Send us your photos for us to publish.

To book, call 01491 572035.

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