Quintessa Celebrates UK Employee Ownership Day 2019

Employees of Quintessa, based in Videcom House in Newtown Road, were delighted to celebrate UK Employee Ownership Day (EO Day) alongside other staff-led businesses across the country on Friday 28 June.  A series of nationwide events and activities took place in order to raise awareness of employee ownership.

The yearly event is organised by the Employee Ownership Association (EOA), and sponsored by fellow employee-owned business Gripple.  Quintessa joined the celebrations by taking a picnic down to Marsh Meadows and enjoying a game of “Aunt Sally”, a traditional country pastime where players throw a wooden baton at a skittle on a pole in an attempt to knock it off.

Quintessa was formed in 1999 and is celebrating its 20th year in 2019.  Its longevity can be partially attributed to employee ownership, which fosters a rewarding and satisfying working environment for all its personnel.  Quintessa currently employs 23 permanent members of staff, 12 of whom are based in the Henley office.  The employee-owned company facilitates a low carbon energy future by providing leading-edge scientific, mathematical and strategic consultancy services and scientific software development to public and private science-based organisations around the world.  Due to the strong vision of its founder, David Hodgkinson, Quintessa has been employee owned from its inception and since July 2014 its shares have been held in an Employee Ownership Trust for the benefit of all of its employees.  In 2015, David was awarded Employee Owner of the Year by the EOA in recognition of his efforts to promote and develop employee ownership.

Deb Oxley, CEO for the Employee Ownership Association, said, “Companies such as Quintessa are great examples of the economic and social benefits that can be achieved in an employee owned environment. This is why we celebrate the impacts of employee ownership on the individual, the business and the communities in which they are based. 

The EOA is proud to lead the sector-wide celebrations of employee ownership on EO Day 2019, as part of our activity to raise awareness and support the growth and impact of employee ownership in the UK.

EO Day is an integral part of the EOA’s events calendar and was introduced to raise awareness of the benefits of employee ownership, which have been proven in EOA-led research, and include improving employee health and wellbeing, increasing productivity and fostering creativity and innovation across an array of industry sectors.


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