Colourful Cultural Borama Comes to Henley

This colourful cultural event is back again in Henley for it’s fourth year on Saturday (13 July) to celebrate the town’s friendship with Borama in Somalia, with Borama families now living in the UK coming together to showcase the richness of their culture through performances of music, dance and poetry.

Henley has had a friendship link with Borama since 1982 which was formed through local resident,  Brigadier Malcolm Page who served there in 1947 and looked after many who were in the Somaliland Scouts Regiment.

The programme for this year’s event on Mill Meadows is as follows:

12:00 Event opening
12:30 Live music
13:00 Special Guest from USA to recite poetry called Buraanbuur
13:30 Traditional dance group
14:00 Workshop about traditional dance inviting local people to learn and dance with the troupe
14:30 Live music
15:00 Visit from Henley’s Deputy Mayor


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