Sporty Sam Starts Sports Parties & Holiday Camps Business

Local lad, Sam Williams, a young entrepreneur has started his own sports camps and parties business and will be taking over the contract to run the children’s holiday sports camp at Henley Leisure Centre this summer.

Sam, aged 18 loves sport and has played for Henley Hawks for the last 10 years.  He went to Trinity, Gillotts School and Henley College.  He said, “I have always wanted to start my own business, and have known that since I was 15. It was always just finding out what I wanted the business to do. The path of jobs that I have done since Gillotts has led me to wanting to start up a sports camp. I had known for the past 6 months that parties and sports camps were the way forward. Parties are easier to start, and then Premier Sport pulled out of their contract at Gillotts so I decided that it’s now or never.”

The new business, called Sploj offers sports parties including the fun inflatable zorbing which Sam recently showcased at Harpsden Village Fete. Sam added, “I am the only company in Henley running a multitude of different children parties. I am offering parties for 4 years +. What makes me different is that one of the parties I offer is zorbing. No one in this area offers this party, and the kids love it.”

The sports camp at Henley Leisure Centre this summer will include around 20 different sports.  The camp is open for children aged 5-12 years and it is running for 5 weeks of the summer starting 29 July.  The day rate is £30 and there are discounts available for full weeks and whole summer.

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