More Shops and Cafe to Close

Unfortunately Henley high street is suffering from more closures. Paperchase on Bell Street is the latest shop to announce it is closing on 19 August and Cafe Copia on Market Place also shut its doors yesterday.  A regular was told by staff that they have closed both the Henley and the Marlow branches.

A spokesperson for Paperchase said, “The Henley closure is part of the Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) process the company started in March this year. This was after a period of productive consultation with its landlords regarding a restructuring of the store portfolio and a better alignment of the rents of certain stores in proportion with footfall and trading.  In a statement made in the March, the company’s press release said, “While the majority of the 145 store estate will continue to trade as normal, Paperchase expects a small number of loss making stores will be closed as part of the process. Paperchase will work closely with employees affected by the closures to try and ensure their continued employment with the business.”

With Clarks closing last month, this leaves two large retail units on Bell Street.  Wine Rack on Market Place who were due to move to the old Louise Claire Millinery shop opposite whilst the shop and flats above were being redeveloped has closed its doors too.  We asked Wine Rack for a statement regarding the closure but have not received a reply.

Boots Pharmacy off West Street next to the doctors’ surgeries is to close on 23 August after negotiations over the lease broke down.

On Hart Street, Jack Brunsden and Cherwell windows and door shops have also closed.

It’s tough on the high street – please support those local independent shops we still have.


  1. wireless waffler says:

    We took a dislike to the new manager last year, he had no people skills and always seemed stressed. I mentioned it to the owner of the chain. Maybe the lease has come up for renewal, and they cannot fund that. The branch in Marlow is great.

  2. Anne Dean says:

    Whilst I realise that retail is going through a tough time at the moment I feel that Henley Council (I assume) have ruined Henley and make it difficult for visitors to want to come into the town.
    1. The traffic queuing on Reading Road and White Hill are just dreadful. It certainly puts me off
    2 The ridiculous touring of the town down Kings Road ,Bell Street and New Street to get over the bridge has always seemed nonsense to me. The empty square (as it most days) is usually just a mess being an area for students to congregate except for Market Day. I’m not really sure how well this is received as I’ve heard many retailers complain about the cheap goods and that they don’t contribute in the same way with business rates etc. If the town really does want a market surely a better place can be found and the road returned to its intended purpose.
    3 Parking! There is nothing like enough parking in Henley for the people who live here never mind encouraging visitors. I have driven around on more than one occasion for over 20 minutes before I have given up and gone home and I guess I’m not the only one!
    I also spoke to a lady who had visited for the day with the intention of shopping, lunching and visiting the cinema only to discover that she needed to come back to her car after 3 hours in order to move it to another car park!
    So Henley, you are doing this to yourself in many respects. So before the town becomes a ghost town with everywhere boarded up, you should address these issues ( and I’m sure there are more) and make the town a joyous place to visit again.


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