Henley Festival in Pictures

As the above slideshow of images shows, the Henley Festival isn’t all about the headline performers, it’s as much about the roving performers, art, comedy, dancing and the boats on the river.

Our favourites this year were the Picasso roving trio, the jukeboxes and the above beautiful steel and wooden sculptures by Lord and Lama in the Jazz end art tent.

The Festival’s initiative to reduce plastic waste was also brilliantly highlighted with two displays.  The first was a dress designed by Linda Thomas made of mostly ghost nets.  The dress was worn by Henley’s Warrior on Waste, Lynne Lambourne on Friday evening with her hair styled by Salon of Chi who use eco products.  Lynne said, “I was asked to wear this amazing creation by Julia Carey from Henley Plastic Reduction.  Ghost nets are a huge pollution problem in our oceans and I was happy to help educate and draw awareness to this situation.”

Henley Mermaid’s sculptor, Amaryllis Batallie was also displaying her latest sculpture entitled ‘Cradle of Life’ (a dolphin cradling a newborn bay).  She hopes to donate the sculpture to The Royal Foundation, Kensington Palace for it’s commitment to saving the oceans.

We are so lucky to have this fantastic festival on our doorstep.

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