Have Your Say – Thank You for Moon-Tastic Endeavour

Dear Editor,

I am writing on behalf of the Gillotts Parents Association to thank everyone involved in the fantastic Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Celebration in Market Place on Saturday evening. It was a wonderful sight to see the town packed with young and old, joined in their fascination for space exploration, science and human endeavour!

The evening was full of wonder and good humour, brought to life by Dr David Baker (former NASA Apollo Mission scientist) and Dr Michael Warner whose expertise and passion were infectious. The town was so lucky to be chosen to host such a wonderful event and Michael Warner deserves massive appreciation for enabling the whole community to join him in the celebration. The time and energy he put in to making sure it was the best night it could be was phenomenal. The Town Council should also be commended for their enthusiasm and hard work supporting the event and ensuring that the Moon took centre stage!

Michael also gave our young people a fantastic opportunity for to learn about the development of space exploration – the science and the drama – and gain an insight into the people and technology that made history. It highlighted the fragility of Earth in the vastness of Space and the responsibility we all share in taking care of our home. The science prize, awarded at the end of the evening, also ensures that students will be inspired for years to come – congratulations to all the scientists who took part on the Moon Lander competition & the winner, Ella Woods.

Finally, Gillotts were chosen by Michael to benefit from any donations collected at the event and we were blown away to come away with £1000 from the crowd! A massive thank you to everyone who generously contributed and showed their support for the school. As a parent, it was so wonderful to see Gillotts front & centre at such a brilliant community event!

Please share our appreciation on your letter page, with thanks

Denise Williams
Chair, Gillotts PA


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