5 Reasons to Go on a Spontaneous Trip

Many people have a fear of spontaneity, especially when it comes to travel.

While organising transportation, accommodation, and travel itineraries in advance will provide peace of mind that nothing will go wrong along the way, few moments can be more exhilarating than heading off on a random trip at home or abroad.

If you want to become a more carefree traveller in 2019 and beyond, here are five reasons to go on a spontaneous trip at least once in your life.

1. Skip the Stress of Planning

One of the worst aspects of heading off on holiday can be the planning process. You will need to organise every small detail in advance before you can relax and unwind.

However, there is nothing more exciting than jumping into a car and seeing where the road takes you, or arriving at an airport and choosing a destination on the spot. So, skip the stress of travel planning and go with the flow instead.

2. Find Affordable Accommodation

It is likely you will secure the best deals for accommodation when you book at the last minute. As a provider will not want to be left with an empty room or property, they are more likely to slash their prices to secure a guest.

For example, if you are thinking of taking a trip to the likes of St Mawes, you should look for affordable and comfortable last minute holiday cottages Cornwall.

3. Make Unforgettable Memories

It is unlikely you will forget the moment you chose to jump into your car to embark on a fun road trip, or booked a flight to another destination on a whim. You’ll be sure to make long-lasting memories, so what’re you waiting for?

Spontaneous travel could take you to many weird and wonderful places, which you might not have experienced otherwise.

4. Become More Independent

Spontaneous travel will require you to think on your feet and make quick decisions, which can help you to become more decisive and independent. It can, therefore, be an effective way to boost your confidence and you will be more likely to take additional risks in the future, which can provide your life with fun and variety.

So, even if a spontaneous adventure was the worst trip of your life to-date, you will likely admire your bravery and determination for embracing a new destination at the drop of a hat.

5. Explore the Best of a City

As spontaneous travel will provide little time to create a detailed itinerary for your arrival, you will need to discover different landmarks and attractions on foot once you arrive. Rather than visiting the commercial activities, you can go off the beaten track to discover a town or city’s hidden gems, superb restaurants and bars, and stunning sights, which you might never have found if you restricted yourself to an itinerary.

So, if you want to fill your life with more fun and adventure, skip the extensive travel plans this year and embrace a spontaneous trip at home or abroad.