Kids Give Golden Ticket Performance

Parents were in for a really sweet treat yesterday afternoon when the watched their children perform Charlie’s Golden Ticket (show based on the story of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory) yesterday (Wednesday) at Trinity Hall on Harpsden Road.

The show was performed by 28 children, aged 5-12 years, who had signed up for Divas & Dudes Dance Academy summer workshop run by Steph Maxwell.  The workshop normally runs for five days but this year due to Steph’s singing assistant Laura performing at a wedding on Thursday, the workshop was squeezed into 3 days.  Steph said, “It was a bigger and harder challenge this year with 2 days less as the children still had to learn the same amount of lines, songs and choreography and nearly half the children were coming for the first time and 10 of the children were only five.”

Flo, aged 9 from Trinity School who played Mike TV said, “I like all of the parts of the show – singing, drama and dancing.  The hardest part was to learn when to come and on and from which side.”

Serena, aged 12 from Gillotts School who played Mr Wonka said, “We were chosen for the parts after we read out a line.  I’ve loved learning everything and working together with everyone to put on a great show.  I had 22 lines to learn which took a few hours and my Mum helped me.”

Parents were invited to donate to the charity collection after the show.  Steph added, “Three years ago my Dad passed away from lung cancer on the final day of the week.  So each year now we have a collection for the British Lung Foundation in his memory.  All the joy of putting on the show helps take away some of the sorrow of losing my Dad.”

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