In a Galaxy Far, Far Away after Rewind South Festival…

On Saturday, Lord Vader accompanied by Princess Leia and several uniformed Empire Stormtroopers visited the Galaxy of stars at Henley’s Rewind South Festival. When darkness fell Lord Vader and his entourage swept into Coppa Club and then Magoos in Henley. At some point while the powerful Sith Lord was engrossed in conversation with Princess Leia, and his Stormtrooper escorts were distracted, his iconic lightsaber vanished. It remains missing and now the helpless and no-longer-incandescent Sith Lord would like it back!

Well known Henley businessman and DJ Gary Boys who is closely connected to Darth Vader told the Henley Herald he was personally offering a suitable reward for the return of the missing lightsaber. It can be collected from Magoos or Coppa Club. In the language of Yoda, “Get it back he hopes he will soon!”

If you know where the missing lightsaber is, please contact us at



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