Henley Grammar School Reunion

Lynn Hart and her friend Sandra Wickens are organising a Henley Grammar School (HGS) Reunion next July to celebrate their 60th birthdays.

Lynn said, “In 1973 my friends and I joined Henley Grammar School.  We were the last year of the Grammar School and so always the babies. Those babies turn 60 next year (2020) and we have decided it’s time to celebrate with a great big school reunion at the Rotherfield Building.”

Lynn and Sandra would like to invite anyone (including staff) who came to the HGS/King James College up until 1978 (the year we left) to a reunion on Saturday 18 July 2020.

“We’d like everyone to register their interest at this stage and shall send out more details over the coming months.  I already have over 50 names, including some 80 year olds, one ex pupil from the US and others from overseas,” added Lynn.

Anyone interested can register by emailing Lynn at lynn@harttoheart.co.uk.

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