Rising Freelancer Rates in the UK: Why is this way of working becoming so popular?

In towns like Henley all across the UK, freelancing is seeing a real boom. Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that there are now around 5 million self-employed people in the UK and freelancers make up a large part of this.

When you also see that there has been a 31% rise in the amount of people working freelance in recent years, it is clear how popular it is becoming. While traditionally strong sectors for freelancing like IT and construction still do well, it is the rise in other areas like dog walker or lifestyle advisors which has seen the rates really shoot up.

Of course, working as a freelancer requires hard work and dedication. There are key tasks you must take on like sorting out your tax and national insurance contributions. Many freelancers will look into using umbrella companies to do this as it can make it a lot simpler. Before you sign-up with any though, it is wise to only use companies recommended by Atlantic Umbrella. Once these kinds of task are in hand though, freelancing is a great way to make money.

But what could Henley residents look forward to when working this way?

Be your own boss

For many people, this is the real attraction with working freelance. In effect, you are your own boss! This means no-one telling you what to do, no need to take on work you do not enjoy and no pressure to stay late. You simply set your own hours and choose how and when you work. For many people, this is a welcome freedom from the tyranny of petty bosses.

Greater flexibility

Another major advantage with freelancing is that you have much more flexibility in your working life. With no set amount of holidays, no set hours and no boss to have to agree time off with, you are free to do as you please. This is especially handy for key appointments you have in the day or for picking children up from school.

Doing something you love

The very nature of setting up your own business as a freelancer means you will be doing something you have a passion for. After all, no-one would do something they find tiresome by choice. This means that you turn your passion into work and enjoy every single day. With freelancing, you can forget the Monday morning blues or dreading heading into work after your holidays.

More pay

In general terms, working on a freelance basis can also help you earn more money. You are free to set your rates which can often mean you get paid more for what you would normally do for someone else. You also get to keep all of the money you get paid for a job (minus tax and NI obviously) which is much better for your bank balance.

Freelancing could be your dream ticket

As the above shows, making the move to work on a freelance basis could be just the ticket for many people in Henley. It not only gives you back more time to spend with family and more flexibility but also sees you say goodbye to annoying bosses or work colleagues.