6 Must-Read Tips for Keeping Your Baby Warm This Winter

New parents will want to do everything they can to keep their new-born warm during the colder seasons.

Once temperatures start to decline, you will want to ensure you have the right baby clothing and products (more info here) to keep your little one cosy and snug.

To keep unwanted chills at bay, here are six must-read tips for keeping your baby warm this winter.

1. Monitor a Room’s Temperature

To ensure your baby never feels cold, their room’s temperature should be somewhere between 16-20°, with 18° being the optimum temperature to reach.

It is, therefore, worthwhile adding a thermometer into their room, so you can effectively monitor their comfort at different points during the day or night.

2. Choose the Right Clothing

Function should beat fashion when dressing your baby for winter. For example, you should dress your new-born in a cotton all-in-one bodysuit, which will keep their feet and toes warm and cosy.

It might also help to invest in some sleepsuits that feature fold-over mittens, which will prevent their hands from feeling chilly during a cold winter night.

If you’re concerned your baby’s room might be a little too cold, you should add a vest underneath their sleepsuit.

3. Install New Radiators

Broken and faulty radiators will make it difficult to keep your home warm for your new-born.

Cast iron radiators are often a great choice for the home. While they can take time to warm up, they will take longer to cool down, so you can be confident your baby’s room will remain warmer for longer when adjusting the temperature or turning off your central heating.

Visit warmrooms.co.uk to discover the best cast iron radiators from respected brands.

4. The Right Bedding

Ensure your son or daughter sleeps comfortably in their moses basket or cot each night by using a fitted cotton sheet and cotton blankets.

You also should regularly check on your baby and remove or add a blanket if they feel too hot or cold.

Another option is to place them in a baby sleeping bag, which will ensure they are warm even if they start wriggling.

It is, however, important to bear the tog rating in mind and pick up a thicker sleeping bag if a bedroom is rather cold.

5. Keep Them Dry

The UK winter can be more than a little harsh. For this reason, you must select a buggy or stroller that features a rain cover, which can protect your son or daughter from the elements and can add an extra layer of warmth.

You also should dress your little one in either a snowsuit or puddle suit, which will keep them warm and dry.

However, ensure they aren’t wearing too many layers of clothing underneath, which could make your baby overheat.

6. Take a Blanket During a Car Journey

It is important to avoid adding too many layers onto your baby when in a car, as the excess padding between your little one and the car seat straps can reduce their safety.

To ensure they aren’t cold during their travels, you should lay a blanket over your baby once they are safely strapped into their car seat. However, you should regularly check on them to ensure they don’t overheat.