Donations Needed to Complete Old House Signs Project

Four more old terrace house signs have been repainted thanks to The Henley Society.

The signs are on Canadian Terrace and Manitoba Terrace on Harpsden Road and Stanley Terrace on Reading Road.

The project was started by The Henley Society in June to raise funds to repaint 17 house signs that were identified in the centre of Henley. The first two signs completed were on Trinity Cottages and Cromwell Cottages in Greys Hill.  Allum Signs from Woodcote have been commissioned to repaint the signs after planning consent has been approved.

Geoff Luckett from The Henley Society said, “We are also looking into the history behind the names.  Most of the terrace houses on Harpsden Road and on the roads off Reading Road were built by two brothers called Hamilton. These brothers took a holiday in USA and Canada and when they returned gave their new houses names after the places they had visited.”

The Henley Society have secured sponsorship for about half the project and are looking to raise the balance of £3,500 and have set up a JustGiving page.  If you would like to see all the house signs repainted please help by making a donation at


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