Council Review Advertising A Boards & Posters

Henley Town Councillors on the Town & Community Committee on Tuesday evening discussed the policy in place for putting up posters in town and A boards on pavements outside shops.  There has been an increase in A boards with some shops having more than 1 outside their retail unit. Cut UK on Duke Street as shown in the picture below has 3!

The poster policy agreed by the Council in March 2019 sets out that events/organisations can display posters no greater than A2 promoting local charities, festivals, markets, exhibitions and Council events no more than one week before the event and removed immediately after the event has taken place.  The consent of the Council is required beforehand.

It was recommended that a new wording would be put to the next full Council meeting to allow Stonor Park and Greys Court to advertise their events a certain number of times throughout the year as they support Henley through tourism.  Henley based organisations holding events outside of Henley are also permitted to advertise.

There is no policy in place for A boards but the committee reviewed a Code of Practice which was issued in October 2005 which states that advertising signs of this type are administered through Town & Country Planning Regulations 1992 and require consent from Henley Town Council. If the advertisement is not placed on your own land then the permission of the landowner is required – in most cases this will be OCC who are responsible for highways.  Police and/or fire service can ask for pavement obstructions to be removed if they are are causing a danger to pedestrians or road users.  How many shops have actually obtained permission?

Henley Mayor, Councillor Ken Arlett said, “The worst culprit is WH Smith in Bell Street which not only has A boards but now has wire baskets outside the shop.  We discussed whether a finger-point sign at the corner of Friday Street would reduce the boards there but these are quite expensive.  The new policy which will be issued to all the retailers will state they can only have 1 A board and it must not obstruct the pavement.  If the rules are not adhered to, it will be removed.”

  1. Ben says:

    The Anchors A board is no where near his land and either obstructs the pavement or parking spaces by the rivers! No permission has ever been granted. Will this now be enforced by OCC?


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