Bluebells Day Centre Launches Second Day

Bluebells Day Centre for people with Dementia based at Christ Church Centre on Reading Road opened for its second day of the week (Mondays) this week.

Less than five months after relaunching, Bluebells reached full capacity on its Thursday service and was maintaining a waiting list of people interested in an additional day. Some of these were existing Bluebells guests wanting to come twice each week, others were new to Bluebells.

Glen Lambert, Bluebells Chairman said “Our intention when we relaunched Bluebells was always to open two days a week and I’m delighted we have hit this important milestone after just a few months. I’m so grateful to Suri, Julia Yeo, Julia Hayes, our wonderful trustees and all the staff at the Christ Church Centre for making Bluebells such a wonderful place for our guests.”

The centre offers a safe and secure place with qualified staff, for elderly and for those living with Dementia and Alzheimer’s to come and get involved in activities such as arts, crafts, musical entertainment quizzes and conversation. It will also offer carers some well-deserved respite. Last Thursday members enjoyed a visit from Giselle Day who played the accordion.

Do you know or care for somebody with Dementia? Please contact for availability. Free trial sessions available.


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