Hawks Women Struggle Against Strong Trojans

Trojans 31-0 Hawks Women

A gruelling and disappointing day at the office saw Henley women defeated 0-31 by a strong and confident Trojans side during an intensely hot afternoon. The first two tries were scored in quick succession by Trojans whose powerful ball carriers punctured the not-yet-alert Henley defence. With the hawks down by 14 points within the first 10 minutes some revitalising team chats under the posts saw the away side return onto the pitch with renewed vigour.

Trojans kept the majority of possession for the remaining 30 mins of the first half however, they were unable to get further points on the board as the Hawks dug their heels in and pushed their opponents back multiple times. When given the opportunity, Henley had intermittent periods of ball, showing a real threat on the outer edges from the likes of Jemma Thripp but struggled to retain depth and therefore possession as the ball was passed forwards.

With temperatures feeling as high as 30ᵒC throughout the game, both teams were feeling the effects of the heat and regular water breaks were essential. The second half saw further line breaks from Trojans and great link play resulting in them crossing the whitewash yet again but, unable to convert, the score stood at 19-0. Not allowing their heads to drop, great defensive effort from Henley rewarded the team with possession and they were able to make their way up the field. Excellent carries from the likes of Ellis Collins, Katy Wysocki-Jones and super speed from Laura Wilkie took Henley forward, although a poor level of organisation and decision making with the ball saw opportunities wasted.

Henley made Trojans work hard for their final two tries, and no more breaks were made through the centre of the pitch. However, the home side were able to take advantage of their rapid wingers and Henley’s lack of field coverage and crossed the line in quick succession at the edges of the pitch.

The final score stood at 31-0 to Trojans. Coaches player was Ellis Collins and players-player was Nina Webb.

Thoughts from Joe Harwood, Head Coach “We gifted the opposition two early tries. And at any level of rugby, if you gift the opposition, easy tries, you’re going to struggle. We were poor for large parts of the game and Trojans deserved the win. Congratulations to them. There were 40 minutes between Trojans 2nd and 3rd try, showing that when we performed well, we more than competed. We weren’t accurate enough with our handling missing the few chances that we had. Had we scored when two tries down, the momentum of the game would have changed.”

“What was pleasing was the reaction and character showed by the team. In the heat and given the injuries we suffered, we could have capitulated. But we didn’t. In fact we finished the match stronger and that’s pleasing. We’ll learn from it. “

Our thoughts turn to tonight’s Inner Warrior session which we are hosting at Henley RFC from 7 30 – 9. Any female player, 17 years or older, of any experience. We look forward to giving you a taste of rugby and of what we do at Henley Hawks Women. If interested please contact Head Coach, Joe Harwood on harwoj@hotmail.co.uk and 07775676192.

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