Chiltern Centre Officially Reopens as Young Adult Respite Care Centre

The Chiltern Centre marked their new Care Quality Commision (CQC) registration yesterday with an official re-opening ribbon cutting ceremony at the centre off Greys Road.

The centre now offers respite care for young adults aged 16+ after Ofsted removed their registration and centre was closed temporarily in June.  The reason given was that they had noticed that the charity were now not “wholly or mainly” looking after children.

Before re-opening a few weeks ago, the centre received a makeover to give a more ‘grown up’ feel with redecoration throughout, new beds and some new furniture, an upgrade of bathrooms and a reconfiguration of the utility room plus new fencing and a new artificial grass front lawn.

Patron Gaie Scouller officially cut the ribbon with the help of Lady Judy McAlpine and Jane Wates OBE, both also patrons of the centre.

Paul Barrett, Chair of Trustees said,”It seems incredible now that in February 2004 Gaie did a similar thing that she’s about do now to open the resurgent Chiltern Centre for Disabled Children 15 years later. I would like to pay tribute to our wonderful staff.  They have really made this possible through the wonderful care that they have given to literally hundreds of families that we have served in that period.  I would also like to mention the 40 trustees who have supported us during that period.  We have only had three Centre Managers.  I think that’s a testament to their dedication and the care that they have given in leadership.  During all that time we have also had wonderful support from our founding patron, Gaie very much much supported by Lady Judy and Jane and indeed the whole community who have really rallied round this charity and really supported us quite magnificently over that period and we are really extremely grateful.  We have re-opened under our new CQC regulation for some weeks now but we think its important in life to actually mark milestones and this is a milestone because we have grown up over 15 years and so have our clientele and so now we want to mark this new chapter when we’ll be catering for young adults and no longer children as such.”

Gai, “I’m immensely proud and privileged to be associated with The Chiltern Centre for nearly 20 years.   It’s been a tough year but I’m very confident that this is a new start and that you will now start to strive again and wish you all the best for all the wonderful work you are doing.”

Alison Spary Hawthorn, Team Leader at The Chiltern Centre said, “Since the new registration, we’ve had lots new referrals and parents looking around.  Many comment how they like the home from home feel.”

Yvonne Thrower whose son Daniel aged 18 has been coming to the centre since January this year said, “There’s nothing else like this near us in Earley.  It’s been a real godsend to our family.”



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