Owners Paws To Learn About Canine Arthritis at Charity Dog Walk

The Big Dog Bed Company, Doggy Dips (hydrotherapy for dogs) and The Veterinary Centre hosted a Big September Walk for Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) on Marsh Meadows on Sunday.  80% of dogs in the UK suffer with some degree of arthritis by the time they are 8 years old.

The event was also supported by Henley Town Council and is one of a nationwide series of events being run by volunteers to raise money for CAM to support their excellent work.  As well as raising funds for the charity and awareness about canine osteoarthritis, The Veterinary Centre’s were promoting their new “Mobility Matters” arthritis clinics – a dedicated nurse led clinic to help owners with dogs diagnosed with arthritis.

Despite the weather, the event was well attended by many clients of The Veterinary Centre (TVC) and dog walkers who were passing by.

Sarah Whittaker from TVC said, “Managing arthritis requires a multi-modal approach looking at weight management, diet, supplements, home and lifestyle improvements (which is key), physiotherapy and exercise management and laser therapy etc as well as specific arthritis medications.”

“Many of the dogs that attended are arthritic and going for a gentle amble around Marsh Meadow is perfect to meet their exercise needs. We also had people attend who thought that their dog may have arthritis and we were able to steer them in the right direction and people that were interested to hear what they could do to help prevent the onset of arthritis – playing with a “chuck-it” as a young dog for example can be very detrimental to joint health.”

The vets showed owners a car ramp, mini steps, raised food and water bowls and anti-slip tape what can be done in or around the home to help their dogs and step-over poles to demonstrate that a simple exercise can help maintain joint range of motion.

The raffle was drawn in the afternoon and included a course of laser therapy which was won by Tilly – a very deserving golden retriever who has knee arthritis, a brand new bed for Darla who also has knee arthritis and Barney a Labrador with elbow arthritis won a swimming session.

Sarah added, “I think everyone who attended really enjoyed the event and we have received some good feedback. Each attendee went home with a goody-bag too.”