Tim Cuts Back Overgrown Public Footpath

Yesterday Tim Haigh completed his twice annual job of cutting back the overgrown hedgerow on the Greys Road pavement section between Chiltern End Close and Chalcraft Close so that Mums pushing pushchairs can get past freely.

The pavement is used by many residents visiting the ‘Top Shops’ and school children going to Valley Road and Gillotts School.

Tim, ex Chair of Governors at Valley Road School said, “I’ve seen lots of women with prams/pushchairs having to step out into the road which is really dangerous on this stretch.  I come along twice a year with my garden shears and do it.  I’ve previously asked Oxfordshire County Council who are responsible to do it but I probably need to ask Town Councillor, David Eggleton formally next time I see him if he can get the Parks Team guys up here with their verge machinery.”

Thanks Tim – it would be great if more residents think about the footpaths around their homes.



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