How to Help Teenage Girls Reframe Anxiety and Strengthen Resilience

At present, the rate of anxiety is increasing due to many factors but actually anxiety is a normal and healthy function. Anxiety affects many teenage girls because they are more aware of their surroundings and their mind is completely filled up with a different set of growing responsibilities.

On the other hand, change and stress make them think negatively. Teenage life is filled up with the lots of changes in the body, brains, structure and even in the way of thinking they are maturing more.

How can you help her?

First, reassure them that this is a problem affecting many young girls. This will make them feel more comfortable knowing that others are having these feelings too.  Once they are clear what the problem is they will be ready to overcome this. Then the best stress buster is sleep. When they get the proper level of good sleep their brain will function more actively and they will be able to give their 100% to everything they are doing. This will make them ready for facing all the external problems that pop out in society.

What are the main causes of teen anxiety?

Before taking some treatment doing mental exercise it is best for you to know what are the main causes for teen anxiety only then you can take some steps to overcome this. The main drawback or the problem arises after they start using technology. This is because they are making use of it 24/7 which adds pressure to how they feel and many get addicted to it.

When they start having phones in their hands they forget what is happening in and around the world. In most of cases it also makes them get addicted to social media. Not only this through knowing their weaknesses they could then be prone to receiving unwanted messages, comments, video and calls. The mspy app can help with this. When you install this on their mobile you can keep on monitoring things carefully.

How can reduce the use of technology?

  • Make them divert their minds with some other things that give them real happiness.
  • Spare some time alone with them to talk.
  • Plan for family outings that would make them feel relaxed.

Also, before starting to always blame them there is a need for you to understand from their part.  Then you can do or take some precautions based on that and help them recover completely from the anxiety problem and strengthen their mind and make them love their life.