Quakers to Support Peace by Handing Out White Poppies

White Peace Poppies first worn in 1933 by mothers, sisters, wives and friends of men who had died in the First World War will be handed out by Henley Quakers on Sunday 13 October in Market Place between 12.30-2.30pm.

The white poppies are produced by the Peace Pledge Union in memory of all those across the world who suffered and are suffering now as a result of war, wherever they may be.

White Poppies honour them by supporting work for a peaceful world through education and mediation.

Quakers say that when the fighting is over, people have to sit down to talk. So why not talk as soon as the conflict arises?

Diana Barnett from Henley Quakers said “We can all learn the skills of peace-making and give our support to peace-building locally and globally. Wearing a white poppy is a way to say ‘Let’s work for Peace’.

Quakers support the white poppies because we believe that there is an urgent need for more co-operation to resolve conflicts non-violently. Peace-making is important globally and locally. On the international stage much of our work is carried out behind the scenes away from the cameras. In World Wars I and II, we helped the wounded on the front line and brought relief to those who lost their homes and livelihoods.

We believe that peace starts with everyone, understanding ourselves and others, so we can build strong, creative and peaceful relationships, in all we do.”


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