Wokingham Council Rejects Bridge Lights Application

Wokingham Borough Council, one of three Councils who are responsible for Henley Bridge, have refused the planning application yesterday for the permanent installation of LED lighting following the removal of the temporary lighting.

The notice of refusal says, “The proposal includes insufficient information for the Local Planning Authority to properly assess the potential harm to the significance of designated heritage assets. There is no clear and convincing justification for any potential harm and it is not clear that the proposal would conserve or enhance the character and special architectural interest of the Grade 1 Listed Bridge and surrounding Conservation Area.”

The application was submitted by Clive Hemsley who installed the current temporary LED lighting in February 2018 without planning permission.

Clive said, “I’m not giving up, I am planning to submit the next application to Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) and I have a meeting with them on Friday.  This application I will state that just resin glue will be used and there will be no drilling of the bridge.  OCC agreed to support the planning application in May this year.”

Other parties who will need to be consulted and/or planning applications submitted are English Heritage, Henley Town Council and The South Oxfordshire District Council.


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