Zzoomm Starts Build for Henley High-Speed Data Network

Bright pink barriers have started to appear around the town for the installation of a new high-speed fibre communications network by new company Zzoomm.

Zzoomm has selected Henley-on-Thames to be the first town for its new full fibre network. They started work on the network at the end of last month and they plan to complete the work in the second half of 2020.  The new underground fibre network will run all the way into the property and will be made available to the 6,800 homes and businesses in Henley and will be capable of speeds of up to 10Gbps.

On Monday at the official start of the build, Matthew Hare, Chief Executive of Zzoomm said, “Zzoomm is all about giving you more network to let you do what you want to do.  This network is designed to give you the most fabulous data speeds that you want and access to broadband that you can choose the speed you want to get.  The network will give you top notch communication capabilities going forward.  The existing copper cables were great for voice 20 years ago however they don’t work very well for data.  The world we are in now is more and more communications between computers and that is why to get the performance you need you need to get a full fibre connection all the way into your building, as close to you as you possibly can.  This is about future-proofing the town, good for the environment as it will cut down on travel and allow Henley businesses to develop their creative ideas.”

Zzoomm are employing all the field personnel who are doing the digging and installation and they say they will try to keep disruptions to a minimum.  Matthew told a lovely story about how members of the field team had helped a lady in Crisp Road change a flat tyre last week.

Henley Mayor, Councillor Ken Arlett said, “Welcome to Henley.  Henley is the jewel in the crown of South Oxfordshire so I can understand why you have chosen Henley to start with. This will be a real boost for the Henley economy.  This is also good news for South Oxfordshire District Council’s climate emergency committee.  I popped up on Crisp Road on Saturday morning to see the workers who were working in the pouring rain.  If they have a bit of tarmac left over, perhaps they could fill in some of the pot holes!”

Matthew added, “The whole point is we are doing something for Henley.  We are doing it as a commercial business though and there is very long pay back and a big investment.  This network though will be there for the next 50 years to be used by people to do their communications.  Our objective is for Henley to become an even better place to live, to work, bring up a family and to retire, giving you the infrastructure and making Henley everything it can be beyond what it already is.”


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