In Conversation With Artist Anthony White

New art gallery on Market Place, Informality is hosting an in conversation with Anthony White on Saturday 26 October (2.00-3.30pm), whose current exhibition, The Curious Eye Never Runs Dry is showing at the gallery.

Director of the gallery, Frederick McDonald will explore with the artist his work in the exhibition, his process behind it, and what inspiration he takes reference to.

White’s work draws from earlier activist artists such as Yves Klein and Rotraut and the post-war Japanese Gutai movement, but the primary motivation behind recent work is Michel Foucault’s cornerstone postmodern text “Discipline and Punish” (1977). The artist believes it is fundamental to raise questions about surveillance, detainment and injustice and invites us to think about different states of being, using his practice as a vehicle for philosophy and ultimately emancipation.

There are limited spaces, to book

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