Record Breaking Attendance For Annual Ladies Luncheon Club Fashion Show

The Phyllis Court Ladies Luncheon Club’s annual fashion show reached a record breaking number of guests when the catwalk returned last week. 135 women came along on Wednesday 9th for a feast of food and fashion, clapping and chatting as the models strutted down the stage. The 10 female models were styled by the team from Penriver Design, an independent ladies fashion shop in Windsor.

Although the annual fashion show usually features a new shop or supplier each year, the clothes from Penriver Design were so popular last year that they were asked to return. The store’s caters specifically for women aged 50 or over, proving that you’re never too old to enjoy fashion. Kath Brand, owner of the William Street store, said, “We’re back because it was so successful last year. The Ladies Luncheon Club were very pleased and invited us to come back another year. We had such a response to the show that we’re happy to be back as well. It brings us new customers, we hope, a little bit away from Windsor, but ladies will have destination shopping if they think they’re going to find what they want there.”

Last year, a number of ladies who attended the event were so taken by the clothes that they organised a special trip to Windsor, jumping on a coach together for a shopping spree. All of the items featured in this year’s show were sourced from Penriver’s stock, and the outfits were assembled by Kath and her second-in-command, Gill Walker. Brands featured included Joseph Ribkoff, Toni Trouser and Rabe knitwear.

The 10 models featured in the show were all customers and staff from Penriver, two of whom were Phyllis Court. The aim of the show was to use models who would reflect the demographic of the guests. Kath explained, “The models are all, dare I say, amateur. The good thing about that is that the ladies in the audience can relate to ordinary ladies doing their very best to show off the clothes. Sometimes when it’s professional models, they’re 6 ft tall and a size 8. The normal lady doesn’t always relate to that so we have different shapes and sizes and ages. Our models today age from 61 to 91. Really, age shouldn’t be a barrier to enjoying your fashion and looking good still. We might not look like a 21 year old but it doesn’t mean you lose interest, you just dress differently. You still want to enjoy it and look good.”

Eloise Clark, who organised the event, revealed that the numbers had to be increased due to the huge demand for tickets. “We put a cap on it of 120 but so many ladies were disappointed that they couldn’t come we turned it into 135,” she said. The lucky attendees enjoyed a two course lunch, coffee and chocolates to accompany the main entertainment, and could peruse the Penriver Design’s accessory stall at their leisure. There was also a raffle featuring a number of brilliant prizes, including vouchers for their next shopping trip to Penriver. The money raised by the raffle will help to put on more unmissable events for the Ladies Luncheon Club. Eloise Clark explained, “Like all the clubs at Phyllis Court, we only charge the ladies £10 a year to be members, and Phyllis Court take the money for the lunch, so this our only way of raising funds for our speakers. We do have speakers or fashion shows or entertainers, but of course it’s not cheap to pay them. We don’t do a raffle every time but it’s just to raise funds for good speakers.”

The LLC gather every second Wednesday of the month at Phyllis Court for lunch, usually accompanied by a presentation or other entertainment. If you are interested in joining and would like to find out more, about membership, call 01491 570 510 or visit their website.