SODC Councillors Vote for Restrictions on Proposed New Thames Bridge

South Oxfordshire District Councillors voted at their meeting last week that any proposals to build a new bridge over the River Thames from Reading into the district should be restricted to take only public transport, cyclists and pedestrians.

Most councillors agreed that it was important to protect the district’s air quality in towns such as Henley and the countryside roads from becoming overwhelmed by traffic.

The Leader also agreed to write to the Leaders of Reading Borough Council, Wokingham Borough Council, Bracknell Forest Council and local MPs to state the effect of congestion a ‘car-based’ bridge would have and that if this was to be pursued, the scheme should be ‘holistically assessed’ as one single project.

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  1. The Lazy Politician says:

    Still absolute silence from local councils on dealing with the daily huge queues into Henley we already have both down the hill and along Reading Road, plus Sonning Bridge. I would like to see what problem this proposal actually solves. Because theres bugger all public transport causing the jams today so what does the bridge do?


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