Brownies Learn Important Fire Safety

Learning what do you in the event of a fire, what to do if you burn yourself or your clothes catch fire were just some of the important things that 1st Henley Brownies learnt last night at Henley fire station.

The girls practised shouting fire, fire fire! very loudly and stop, drop and roll if their clothes caught on fire.  Afterwards they got to the chance to go on board the fire truck, raise and lower the onboard tower light, roll out the hoses and spray water.

Michaela Clarke, Leader of 1st Henley Brownies said, “Over the years I’ve brought the girls here to the fire station as they learn some really important things but have great fun too.  They loved getting really wet after being sprayed with the hoses.  Firefighters Michael, Jason and Andy were brilliant at engaging the girls and they had so many questions for them.  Firefighter Michael pointed out too that it wasn’t just men who are firefighters, the girls could become when they were older too.”

Crew Manager Andy Gosby said,”It was a pleasure having the Brownies visit the station to learn about fire safety and look around the fire engine, we used the opportunity to teach them about being safe at home, what to do in an emergency and safety during bonfire night, for information about being safe during bonfire night please visit



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