Gladstone Terrace Sign Back to Its Former Glory

The rusted and faded sign above the colourful doors of Gladstone Terrace on Reading Road has been repainted to its former glory and been put back up this week thanks to Councillor Stefan Gawrysiak’s donation from his Oxfordshire County Council fund to The Henley Society’s historic house sign project.

This is the ninth sign that has been repainted as part of the project which started in June this year.  The original sign, made of aluminium was taken down and stripped back to metal and then resprayed and repainted by Allum Signs from Woodcote who have been commissioned to do the work on the project.

Stefan said, “Geoff sent me a letter asking for a donation and I’ve donated £500 which is the cost of this sign. I think it looks absolutely splendid and very smart. The project is fantastic and brilliant that The Henley Society have picked up and run with this. We have all said for years that the signs are fading.  Sort of half in the back of the brain we wished someone would do something about it and its great that The Henley Society have done it.  If there are any other groups or projects looking for funding, please email me.”

Geoff said, “Master Signwriter Brian Allum and his team have been an absolute delight to work with it.  Out of 17, this is number 9, we have 2 more ordered and waiting for permission for 2 more in Boston Road and Reading Road. Since we started the project, a lady who lives in Queen Street sent me a list of all the terraces in Henley and we’ve missed a few (Chester Terrace in Reading Road and Caxton Terrace in Station Road).  I’m absolutely delighted to see the signs being repainted – none of this could be done without the generous sponsors and donators.”

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